Alliss Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for High School Program

Who may apply for a scholarship?

Scholarships are awarded to private high schools that meet specific qualifications. See Terms/Guidelines page within the High School Program section.

If I am a student at a qualifying high school, can I apply?

No. Scholarships are only awarded to schools. You must contact your financial aid office to apply.

What are the qualifications for the High School Program?

Please see Terms/Guidelines page within the High School Program section.

How will I know if my school is receiving a scholarship grant?

The school must apply by the deadline of April 15. Decline letters are mailed by the end of May each year. Checks to schools that qualify are mailed in June.

How do I apply for a grant from the High School Program?

Students - Apply through your Financial Aid office.

School - Apply on-line via the application within the High School Program section. Complete the on-line form, in its entirety, and click submit. You must attach a copy of your most recent accreditation certificate.

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Am I required to submit a report back to the foundation?

Yes. The annual report is found on-line within the High School Program section. Complete this form, in its entirety, and click submit. This form is required by October 15th of each year.

Who should students contact to learn if they qualify for a scholarship?

The Financial Aid office at your High School

What is the maximum amount allowed for a scholarship?

All scholarships awarded are need-s own financial aid formula. There is no minimum or maximum award amount.

Can my school apply every year?

Yes. As long as your school meets the qualifications, your school is eligible each year.

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Are there any restrictions of the scholarship funds received?

Yes. All funds MUST be used for scholarships in the academic year for which the funds are granted. Only income accruing before the actual expenditure or application of the funds may be used towards the grantee''s general student aid program

What is the application deadline?

Applications must be submitted on-line by April 15th of each calendar year.

What if I do not return the annual report by the deadline of October 15th?

A reminder email will be sent in late October. If the annual report is not received it may jeopardize your future scholarship grants.

For which academic year should I be supplying the information on the annual report?

The scholarship award checks sent in June are for the upcoming academic year which starts in August/September. The annual report due in October is based on enrollment for the current academic year that started in August/September.

What if I''m not sure if my school will qualify?

We encourage you to still apply. Let the foundation make the final decision.

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