Alliss University of Minnesota Program

Terms/Guidelines of the General Scholarship Grant
to the University of Minnesota

The grant is made in a lump sum to the UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA ("UNIVERSITY") for the support of student aid at its coordinate campuses. Administration of the grant is the responsibility of the University in accordance with general principles prescribed by the Foundation. The Foundation does not entertain individual student applications or otherwise participate in selection or administration.

The following specifications apply to grants made to University of Minnesota.

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From the grant, the University shall provide scholarships of not less than $1,000 and not more than $2,500.

It is expected that all or substantially all of the grant will be distributed as scholarships for the academic year immediately following the academic year in which the grant is received. Only extraordinary or unforeseen circumstances would justify retention of any portion of the grant for distribution in a subsequent academic year.

Only income accruing to the University before actual expenditure or application of grant funds shall be used in support of its general student aids program.

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  1. The University of Minnesota, acting through appropriate personnel at its coordinate campuses will exercise its best efforts to select students who require financial assistance and who will be most significantly benefited; and
  2. that the scholarships be identified as those of the Charles and Ellora Alliss Educational Foundation; and
  3. that an annual report of recipients, fund disbursements and student progress be made to the Foundation on an annual basis.

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The selection of students and the manner in which grants are to be distributed (whether by credit on tuition, cash credit or a combination of both) are within the discretion of the University. Scholarships shall be granted only to full-time undergraduate level students. Students receiving aid from other sources are eligible even though the aggregate of all aids exceeds $2,500. The minimum grant shall be $1,000.

In general, the University is to have broad discretion in selection and administration. Without impairing the generality of this discretion, the trustees of the Foundation state their view that scholarships should not be confined to students with the highest scholastic rank; that the upper 40% of any class should be regarded as eligible; and that those of even lower rank are entitled to consideration.

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The donor Foundation is a charitable trust funded under the wills of Charles Clifford Alliss (1880-1958) and his wife, Ellora Martha Alliss (1886-1966), late of Cass County, Minnesota. Mr. Alliss was for many years an executive of Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. Through the Foundation, the donors dedicated the major part of their estate to the furtherance of the education of young people.

The scholarships are to be identified as those of the Charles and Ellora Alliss Educational Foundation. The recipients of scholarship aids should be made aware of the identity of the original donors, and this identification should attach to any notice of student awards appearing in the usual publications of the University. Although the manner in which this is to be done is within the University's discretion, it is to be noted that these scholarships memorialize the concern and foresight of the donors and that the memorial could easily be lost or obscured in the increasingly institutionalized structure of student aids.

The trustees of the Foundation desire no public recognition.

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The Foundation will require an annual report from the University with respect to each of its coordinate campuses be submitted by October 15. The annual report is to be submitted on-line.

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The grant for the designated academic year is made with the expectation, but not the commitment, that grants will be continued in reasonable amounts and for a reasonable time thereafter. Student awards should not be made in such a manner as to commit the University to continuance of assistance beyond the current year of grant, however.

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The Foundation is a perpetual charitable trust managed by U.S. Bank National Association and a board of trustees, subject to the jurisdiction of the District Court of Ramsey County, Minnesota.

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